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SEO Plagiarism Checker: unique content only

Content is your business. Are you sure it's safe? We know how much valuable time and efforts you spend writing guest posts, website content, blog articles, ordering content, trying to hit top 10 in Google search and so on. But what do you usually do to come up with an idea for an article or other content? One of the ways to come up with something related to your niche is to surf the Internet, gather materials and create unique, engaging piece of writing of your own. And when you do that, there is always a possibility that you accidentally plagiarize, and if a Google robot finds duplicate content on your webpage, you may lose your high ranking in search results. That is reason #1 all SEO specialists use seo plagiarism checker.

SEO tools: plagiarism prevention

Not all the SEO specialists write texts on their own. Most of them just order content from freelance writers or writing companies. This way or another, SEO plagiarism checker is an essential addition to SEO kit. Working with texts online is very tricky, as you can never be sure that the person you ordered texts from does not cheat unless you check for plagiarism. Therefore, you would agree that it is always better to stay on a safe side and check texts you receive for plagiarism before publishing them online.

Actually, we understand that you already know why you need to use plagiarism detection system. The main question is why you should choose us:

  1. We cooperate with Google and other search engines
  2. We check texts against billions of web pages, which means that you can be 100% sure about the quality of plagiarism check results
  3. We give you direct links to the pages that contain matches with your text
  4. We show you the exact percentage of similarity in your text and highlight all possible plagiarism right in your content
  5. We give you a detailed plagiarism report with the full list of sources that contain similarities with your text (you can also download it to use offline)
  6. We check text of any size in less than 1 minute
  7. We developed this service for plagiarism checker seo needs ONLY

Additionally, we have analyzed all the competitors on the market, and can surely say that there is no other place where you can find the same perfect combination of price and quality as ours. Plus you save tons of time due to our search algorithm that works fast and provides accurate results. Therefore, you cannot miss an opportunity to give this seo tools plagiarism checker a try as you can do that for free and without any registration. Happy checking!