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    logo.pngI released the first version of an asset for GameMaker Studio 2 that allow you to use frame-based timing in your GMS projects. I am going for the simplest approach. I manage to get it implemented using only scripts. You just have to place r2d_dtCreate in an object.Create event to setup everything need for delta timing to work. Next, place r2d_dtBeginStep in the same object.BeginStep event to then manage delta timing. The object should be a persistent controller object used in your project.

    You have a number of global variables and scripts you can then access to manage/control timing in your project. You can set the min fps down to which DeltaTimer will try to manage before allowing it to fall through and your desired fps that you want your simulation to run at.

    Using DeltaTimer you can effectively decouple rendering from updating to allow your simulation to run at a known and predictable rate.

    Visit the GameMaker Marketplace for more information and to download. 

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